As the summer draws near, many of you will be moving into or out from our apartments.

If you are moving in, please note that your new home will be ready for you as early as 3pm on the 1st of the month, unless you have made alternative arrangements with us. Should you desire an earlier move-in date/ time, OR if you will not be moving in on the 1st, please give us a call promptly at 414.961.2002. Please ensure you call your new resident manager in advance to schedule a time to pick up your keys after 3pm on the 1st. If you have roommates and all of you will be moving in on separate date/ at separate times, only the first individual to arrive will call to schedule key pick up. The remaining roommates may work with the first one to move in to get their keys from him/ her.

If you are moving out, please be aware that your lease expires at 11am on the last date of your last month of tenancy. Your unit must be completely cleaned and vacated by 11am; no cleaning or moving will be possible after that time. If you will be out sooner than the last date of your last month, please let us know promptly so we can get a jump on processing your security deposit resolutions. has an excellent resource to help you plan your move! Check it out here:

As always, please let us know if you have any questions!

Posted by: Lucy on July 25, 2018
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